Monday, August 31, 2009


So the picture above speaks volumes about little Mikey. He is quite the character especially with all of his "things". Every night and naptime it is a huge ordeal because Mikey wants his specific favorite toys with him in his bed. I have tried to wheen him from some of these quirky habbits, but being nine months pregnant I am choosing my battles. I figure as long as he goes to bed....I am happy. Just for the record - we start off with just the spiderman backpack and his three specific stuffed dogs he is attached to. However every night when I go to check on him he is smashed up in the corner with all of his favorite toys taking up the rest of the bed. I may just need to break down and 1) by him a bigger bed or 2) not by him any toys he could remotely grow attached to (impossible). But with our current situation...the bed is staying and lets be honest his birthday and more toys are just around the corner. The things we live with. He is hillarious. It is just so amazing to me that such little people have such distinct little personalities at such a young age. Lets just hope when he is 20 he is still not sleeping with his spidey backpack and his entourage of toys.

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GeNee said...

That is so cute. Robert Todd used to take all his match cars to bed. It is a problem if you move around at night. But hopefully he sleeps soundly on one side of the bed. I am glad you have a picture to show him later.