Sunday, June 11, 2017

Some recent or somewhat recent pictures over the past couple of weeks...

Sunday best...

the cutest little baker...

and ever did see!

A baking class taught by a good friend and baker extraordinaire!

Sam...this pictures sums him up pre-haircut, post nose dive, and a pre mom nap!  Sam is Sam and we love him....that's all there is to say about that!

The Sumko girls before church.....

and one more for the books.....

I know this is old news....but I still LOVE silhouette's particularly of my kids.  When I found these black frames at Walmart of all places.....they were immediately added to my cart.  I love nothing more than walking through my front door with each of my kids on both sides:)   It's the little things.... 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Three things

1) It is really really hot here in Arizona, as in really!
2) Today was the first day in two weeks I pulled out my camera and goodness it makes me happy!  Editing pictures brings a smile ear to ear!
3) Whoever says overalls aren't for women over the age of.....
has never worn them.  Because truly these overalls/jumpsuit is my favorite onesie YET! 

This morning I went to a really tough but great spin cycling class.  I am kind of loving a good exercise routine as of late.  I was with one of my really good friends.  The instructor who is tough kept yelling "gear up".  I looked at my friend in total pain and anguish....she looked at me and then wittingly she said  "well..... it is a good life mantra".  That phrase "gear up" has been with me the rest of the day and is one of the best summer mantras for a mother with school age kids off for the summer. 

Here we go......because it's going to be ride...summer that is.  Cath and her scooter is proof in the pudding!  I have boycotted all commitments with schedules involved this week....minus one meeting.  It has felt HEAVENLY.  All of my kids friends are up and running in camps and we just needed ONE WEEK of nothing!  The kids have stayed up later than they should, slept in, ate way to much cold cereal and pizza for their own good.  I have introduced paper plates to a whole new level of dining......and it has been fabulous.  

We got home from Pennsylvania almost a week ago.  It was a grand and nostalgic adventure.  My favorite part being with family and seeing dear dear friends!  It is a whole five posts worthy of thoughts and emotions associated with the trip.  A thoughtful time of life those 9 years living in the farmlands of PA.  

We are hunkering down and gearing up for our winter/summer in Arizona and it feels great to be here!

For the record Catherine is out of CONTROL on this little electric scooter.  We cleaned out our garage the other day.  The garage we never use....only for storage.... and in the back was this box.  We opened it up and I found one of Cath's missing Christmas presents.  Kind of embarrassing to admit.  However, this electric scooter has been the best thing for Cath since the invention of roller skates!

I really love a good onesie these days.  It must be indicative of me trying to grasp on to my youth.....or just trying to be comfortable....or possibly wishing I was the seven year old in gingham riding the scooter:)

Monday, May 15, 2017

It's all about perspective.

Today I went to the grocery for the after mother's day sale flowers.  They are always marked down after mothers day at the grocery store near me.  I was purchasing my loot and I noticed a particular berry that I especially love.  They were a dollar a bunch and I grabbed a bundle.  A lady nearby saw what I was doing stopped me and said "You know, those aren't going to bloom they are just going to stay the way they are."  I looked at her politely and said "thank you" and went my merry way with my large bundle of berries.  

I was reminded of perspective and perception.  What she thought was a waste, I saw as beauty!  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I have had experiences with people lately reminding me how different perceptions can be! 

In fact this weekend I had a chance to hike the grand canyon with some girlfriends.  We were each on different fitness levels, and each have different physical attributes.  Every single one of us was stretched in a different way at a different time.  Even though we each had different strengths and weaknesses there was a common factor that got each of us out of that canyon.....grit and determination.  

Finding the common ground strengthened my friendships with these friends.  It also helped us to reach our reach the top of the mountain we embarked.  We each got to the top our own way.  Some ran down at the beginning and were slower towards the end, some ran the entire way, some of us took it slow and steady the entire course of the way.  There was no exact right way to hike the canyon, it was personal.  We supported each other and grew closer despite our strengths and weaknesses.  Friendships were formed, and relationships bonded.    

We all have different perspectives that come from different experiences, backgrounds, and personalities in this life.  It is difficult and sometimes seems impossible to see another's point of view.  However, trying to understand another's perspective is exactly what we need to do to grow and to become better.  I am not always good at this.  In fact at times and in some relationships it is the most difficult task at understand.  However, I see the validity in trying.  I want to be better.  I have a desire to see others more clearly from a different perspective. 

These berries are as beautiful to me as any blooming flower!    

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Beautiful little blooms! 

I went shopping during the week of my birthday with a couple of girlfriends, and found this skirt at ZARA.  Hook line and sinker bought!  

This skirt represents my favorite things all wrapped into one .... a bow on top is the icing on the cake!  

I wear skirts so often around here with the weather hot and hot!

Today I was near a little market that had this cutest bouquet of flowers.....a perfect present for someone!

My favorite birthday present....artwork by Lynne Millar.  

Now to get it framed in just the right frame, and put in just the right spot!  I love the colors!  It reminds me of rolling hills and the farmlands of Pennsylvania!

On another note.  Mike and I have been reading seven habits of highly effective people.  After thirteen years of trying to bribe him to read it....he finally is.  I love that book and have been thinking about my end in mind.  How to get through loving people with different perspectives.   keeping the end goal in mind is a challenge.  However, I am re-reminded of the wisdom of Steven Covey himself.  LOVE that book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it with Mike!

A few random this journal/scrapbook of sorts!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I was with a friend today and she you feel like you are done decorating your house.  The answer....


Even if I am done I am always re-arranging and re-arranging again.  I asked her the same question back and her response was the same.  Never, I always have a project.  One of the reasons we bond. 

Women who love to re-arrange and arrange some more are two birds of a feather and can bond together till the sun goes down...haha....

It's all about the process and journey of a decorating a home that make a house feel like a home!
Mixing it up with pillows, even when they don't match perfectly in a space is sometimes all it takes!  

My favorite instagram roundup photos

My favorite pinterest finds when it come to decor as of late.....

 Sara Bartholomew Design

 Shelly Johnston From Illinois

Could die and go to heaven in this room.....

Who wouldn't love this bright red eclectic tiny house of sorts....and

Seriously LOVE the new Caitlin Wilson line coming out.  Yep....I am a groupie!

Monday, May 8, 2017

A bunch of random pictures and some random happenings.  

A couple of weeks ago I took pictures for my good friends boys baptism coming up!  He also happens to be Cath's favorite crush in the 1st grade.  He is such a darling boy with a great family!  

Just more of my plants....because this is about as "garden" as we get here in the desert.  

 My friend Adrianne let me borrow a few of her cactus for the cinco de mayo ward party last weekend.  I kind of got attached.  
I love how she spray painted the pots!

Had to snap a few of the sombreros used for the party.....must have weighed a ton on that little head of hers. 

high heels and pink umbrella's oh boy.....every day is an adventure.....

My favorite spring sandals for under $25 at Forever 21.  
The best part about these sandals is that I found them in Utah with my sister. She spotted, we both grabbed a pair and just like that they were sold and off the shelf!  I LOVE THEM....even more than I thought they would.  Partly because of the story with who and when I bought them.  

I have been on rampage of collecting extra LARGE earings lately over the past year or so!  I really am gaining quite the collection and love this pair in particular.  And yes, I am wearing two rings on  my wedding finger.  Not because I am married to two husbands:) hahaha.... but because a good friend gave me this turqouise beauty for my birthday and it only fits on this one finger!  

On a side note I have been having lots of thoughts about social media and life and perspectives lately.  It is quite tricky this world in which we live.  A lot of mixed messages and gray areas of life.  I have been thinking a lot about what is most important and why to me in my life.  Kind of time of self reflection.  Sammy turned five and will be starting kindergarten just like that.  It is kind of a new era of life for me. 

Perspectives are different for everyone.  We all live in our own little bubbles so to speak. The key is to embrace our worlds in which we live, not fight change and try and celebrate the future.  It isn't always simple and easy but always worth it in the end.    

I have been thinking about photography a lot lately and it has continued to become a passion.  My passion has increased for life style photography more and more and interior photography as well.  I don't have a passion for newborns.  In fact, newborn photography is a killer for me.  

However, I found this cute older photo of what I considered a disastrous session...and I kind of love the pictures more in hindsight. is all about perspectives.  

Natural light in my bedroom pre - church birthday party of sorts I hosted at my house!

I LOVE NATURAL LIGHT and big pink balloons!