Monday, September 25, 2017

Catherine turned eight this weekend.  The time crept up on us.  We having been thinking for weeks of something fun for her birthday party.  I bought some really cute rifle fabric a while back.  The fabric sparked the theme.....Allison Wonderland.  Catherine who is game for all things bright, and pink was completely on board.  

I originally was planning to keep it really simple and the concept was.  However, an idea to have a guest appearance by a mad hatter popped into my head one night as I was talking to Mike.  MIKE WAS the PERFECT candidate to be the character!  

After some persuasion....the party was solidified.  Alice in Wonderland theme with a visit from the mad hatter, and a Dad who set up the projector outside so we could watch the movie after the tea party on the trampoline.  

Dad was the champ of the night, and Catherine was the princess.  I just got to set the table, throw together a few flowers, place some ribbon and walla.  It was FUN!!!

It turned out just  the way we were hoping. I ended up crafting up some hats with modge podge, and they turned out to be my personal favorite part of the decor and night.   It was my escape from reality for a few hours here and there.  Something about working with my hands that takes my mind away to happy spots.

One of my favorite parts of these types of parties is how excited and involved THE ENTIRE family is.  This past party Alyssa was helping me set things up and was responsible for the Mad Hatters makeup, Mikey was recording his voice for when the girls all entered the "tea room", Sammy was trying to find a bunny so he could pretend he was the rabbit.  Catherine was over the top with micro managing affairs with the hats, the tabletop, and the cake!  It was as if I had a project manager every step of the way.  It was definitely a family affair.  

Monday, September 18, 2017

photos lately....

One of my VERY favorite things to do.

Turn up my Pandora Mumford and Sons radio and edit photos!  

A few cute ones as of late......

I especially love these of this darling adopted baby of one of our dear family friends!  SHE IS SO CUTE!  I love this family that she was adopted into so much!

Another friends darling family I got to take some photos of.....

And this sweet litttle baby boy!!

I have few more  minutes of quiet before the kids come crashing through the front door with backpacks and papers, and yelling to do's for the day.  My full time job of motherhood vamps up in about 20 more minutes.  Until then I needed to write down some thoughts.  

This past weekend was good.  A typical fall weekend.  It is all relative the feelings of fall here in Arizona and not to be judged by the weather.:)  However, even just a slight cool down makes a BIG difference and it feels a tinge of change in the air that brings fall nostalgia.  

Alyssa got braces this past Monday.  Boy does she make braces look good.  She really does!  I am impressed at her calm nature and non complaining spirit!  

We went to football games, had volleyball practice, cleaned the house, weeded the yard.  All things I remember so clearly growing up.  This weekend at church we had a unique meeting of sorts.  Our entire ward focused this summer on reading the Book of Mormon.  It was a reading marathon of sorts.  

At the end of yesterday I felt a calm a peace and a happiness.  I felt like I put a lot into this weekend, and activities involved with my family, and with church.  It is amazing when I am centered on these two things, how happy and how much life makes sense.  It is the small and really is.  I didn't travel anywhere exotic, our date night consisted of a late night Walmart run, but it was good because it was exactly what I knew I was suppose to be doing.  

Life is most peaceful when I do what I know I should be doing.  When my time is focused on things that I should be focusing on.  This weekend was a reminder for me of this!


Sunday, September 3, 2017

just like that

Had to buy this book in the land of Cacti....

Cacti we have all grown to appreciate more around here.  

Cutie Cath being Cutie Cath while appeasing her Mom's need to sew.  

A Couple of old pictures that melt my heart!!!  The coast is always clear with my MIKEY!

Mike and I in our element....shades and all!!  We really would make great beach bums as long as I could wear my bright pink lipstick and wear skirts every once in a while. 

Re- arranging ALWAYS......(aka..cheaper than shopping) and our newest addition to the family and one and only pet names spotty.    

Had to make something to appease my LOVE for this fabric.  Its a pinafore not an apron for those who ask....( husband)

Oh....I LOVE these kiddos. 

They were on one this particulary Sunday....wait....they are ALWAYS ON ONE these days it seems!

Mischief planning at its finest!

Random settings of the tables here and there....

My Alyssa who keeps me hopping.  She is quite the soon to the be full fledge teenager!

Friends that make our world happy are the best kind!!

Cath came along on the ride with the teens to show them how to pose!

A few photo sessions keeping me a float.  The cutest little one year old....

Saturday, August 12, 2017


This week I finally got my birthday present framed and hung.  Considering my birthday was four months was time. 
Getting the guest bedroom looking spiffy in time for some hopeful guests?!!

Some of my favorite textiles below.....with projects in the works....