Monday, April 24, 2017

Relief Society birthday lunch decorations prep......
I found this darling pom pom garland at a thrift store of all places.  

Made a trip to Ikea last week....and came across this beautiful perfectly pink plant I love

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A few wedding photos..... more come....

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday!

We had a traditional Easter feast this afternoon.  I spent most of the day today and part of yesterday preparing and cooking away.  

Of course setting the table is always my favorite part.....

I had big plans to wake up bright and early this morning to hide Easter baskets, and take some family photos.  

My kids were a little on the difficult side with picture taking and since we have nine o'clock church and Mike was out of town for family didn't quite happen.  

I did find a favorite Easter dress a few months back.  

It reminds me of a combination of my favorite bird chairs I had recovered in a similar fabric, and something from the sound of music.  This fabric really would make for some beautiful draperies.  Must be why I was drawn to it immediately.  Two of my favorite things...

upholstery and the sound of music that is:)  

I got a huge assortment of beautiful flowers from my friend Ellen on Friday.  

Alyssa my photographer is a quick quick study!

I have come to terms that despite what trends are or are not....I love what I love....and I love to share.  Although the sharing part is still a bit of stretch!

Friday, April 14, 2017

This is my FAVORITE time of year.  Truly and honestly.  The colors...the smells...the season.  I have been dip dyeing, crafting, and nesting of sorts.  It has been a wonderful time for me to reflect on life and what is most important.  Things change, people change, and the world in which we live is constantly changing.  However, the one constant is the belief in my Savior and his atonement for me and all of us.  

I am grateful for the grounding force my Savior gives to me.  I am grateful for guidance daily on good things in life.  I am just feeling simply grateful.  

Sunday, April 9, 2017

About three months ago I wrote about a New Years' resolution challenge to come up with one word that encompasses my 2017 goals.  I have gone through many words, and notice was at the top of the list.  However the word bloom comes to mind as of late. 
It is all encompassing to what goals I have in mind.  To bloom...means to be present, real, appreciate, grow, and flourish rather than just survive.  It means I need to be present, real, and water daily with the good things of life.   

I LOVE a good quote....and I LOVE a GREAT WORD!

When it comes to fashion.....I don't know much but I surely like to pretend.  

I love a good eclectic BIG pair of earrings....and I am surely loving all my Mexican basket purses I found my last trip to Rocky Point.   My thoughts on fashion for the fleeting moment....

If you go eclectic with accessories then go simple with what you are wearing.....
if you go eclectic with what you are wearing go a tad more simple with accessories.
I especially love a good pair of GIANT earrings these days.  Especially because I end up wearing my hair back about 75 percent of the time!  

This basket may not be the most practical but just the right size for a few necessities...

Friday, April 7, 2017

This week.....this week....please...



This is how I feel.....but not quite so guzzied up.  Just a sigh....for now!  My latest China Town via ebay find with the above outfit!

The quote framed below is what is getting me through the current.....week!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

This weekend has been wonderfully busy and relaxing all at the same time.  I know that is a contradictory statement.  However, it makes complete sense to me.  I have been editing pictures, working on a couple of house projects, listening to conference, and staying in my pj's since Saturday morning.  

I took pictures of the most beautiful wedding and bride Friday evening.  This is just a tiny tiny start to some edits.....
I took a million and one photos to go through!  Exactly how it should be!  

This couple.....the home....the family...the flowers.....and the food.  It was quite perfect. 

During conference with it blaring through the house I did a little re-arranging here and there....
I found this beautiful blue vase in Palm Springs and it needed a great home.  

Speaking of Palm Springs.....I had the most incredibly fun time in Palm Springs early in the week.  I went with two of my dear dear friends who love many of  the same things and we just laugh and laugh.   Friends that when you say buzz words like thrifting, Kelly Wearstler, Dorothy Draper, and acai bowls..... they just get it!  

Debbie our in house fitness guru (she is legitimately famous in the fitness world) started an instagram account naturally I made her pose for a few shots.
I am not quite sure how she looks this good while working out....but she really does!  

Go Debbie Deb go!  We love her and her workouts!  

I have a million more pictures to post from Palm Springs but for another day!