Saturday, August 15, 2009

My little Gabriella and Troy

This past week I figured even though I only have Alyssa in preschool and Mikey who is a hopeful preschooler for next year that it was time to do a little back to school shopping. So we ventured to the mall with our little coupons and headed out for some back to school shopping. I walked into the Gap and decided that with their jean promotion of the day and their cute little jeans I couldn't not buy them each a pair. I bought each child a pair of jeans and a pair of shoes and called it a day. When we got home of course the first thing they did was try on their new "school clothes" while screaming with excitement. I had no idea how excited two little people could be to try on their new little was hillarious. Once they tried them on Alyssa looks at Mikey in awe and screams " look just like Troy from high school musical" I haven't seen Mikey's eyes get that big in a long time. He was thrilled beyond measure at the thought. Then Alyssa yelled...."And look Mikey I look just like Gabriella" They could not have been more excited as they started posing and dancing. I had to take a few pics to capture the moment.

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GeNee said...

That is a funny story.