Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yeah...:)My flowers didn't die this year:) basically I was given an ultimatum this year. Third summer in Harrisburg my flowers and grass had to flourish or I was facing a strike out. I knew that if my flowers didn't do well this year I was going to have to give up the green thumb that I didn't possess and move on to a new hobby. The first year we lived here I planted geraniums, and ended up watering them too much....I didn't even know that was possible. The second year I just stuck with petunias because I was told they were practically impossilbe to kill. They managed alright...however my grass died. This year well......see for yourself. Alright so they are still not temple square worthy but I have to say I am proud of my efforts and have enjoyed my beautiful little flower beds. I can see how this whole gardening thing can become a little addicting. I am already planning for next year:)

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