Monday, November 23, 2009

First Christmas in Pennsylvania

So we are getting a little excited for Christmas around our house....even though it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. We pulled out the tree and the kids took charge of the decorating.....hence the six ornaments randomly spread on the babies tree. I bought this cute little white tree for baby Catherine's room thanks to Rebecca's recommendation at big lots. Wow it looks cute. Alyssa was so proud of taking the picture with me and the baby in front of it.
This is our first Christmas in Pennsylvania .....yikes I can't believe we have lived in this state for almost five years. We will miss family, but it will be nice for Santa to come on the actual Christmas day and not early again this year. The kids have made there list, and I am already using good behavior as bargaining power.:) Mikey is fascinated with Santa this year and every day at least once is asking if Santa is making his blue batman car. Lets hope Santa can find it!:)

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