Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mikey's just graduated from the Toddler bed....Yeah!

It was a celebration for Alsyssa and Mikey...Mikey got a new bed! Yeah for Mikey getting so grown up. They celebrated the big event with a sleepover watching a movie while eating their popcorn and yummy treats. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical and unsure of our purchase as we headed into the ghetto of Hershey to pick it up from our purchase off Craigs list. I actually didn't realize there was a ghetto in driving to pick it up was a new experience in and of itself. I was also reminded as I entered the driveway that yes....once again we are bargain hunting at its finest. Med school, and residency has definately taken furniture shopping to a whole new level. In fact I think there is a good analogy between life with Mike in residency with three little kiddies, and shopping on Craigs list for furniture bargains. My greatest hobby and challenge in life right now is making the most out of the best "bargains" I can find.:) And believe it or not I am kind of enjoying it. Not always at first however. When we drove up to get the bed, I was definately not in the best of moods. I just kept envisioning the cute little white bed from Pottery Barn kids I have coveted and envisioned in Mikey's room. In fact I almost persuaded Mike to just drive away. After a little coaxing from my husband and some imagination on my part I decided we did find a steal of a deal...and couldn't pass up saving oh....about $500. We got it home moved it upstairs....and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Once I paint it red, find some cute bedding....wala....I think I may even like it better than the one from Pottery Barn Kids. In fact furniture deals have truly kind of become a hobby.....One of these days I might just have to blog all of my furniture deal finds with price tags really is quite astonishing, and I really do love it. Just like my life. Although it is a little crazy and stressful with this whole med school process the journey and memories we are creating can't be purchased for all the money in the world. I know cheesy....but just a thought:)


Heidi said...

Great find! I like to copy Pottery Barn, too.

GeNee said...
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GeNee said...

That is great that you are getting such a good deal on your bed. My kids from Rhode Island found a piano that they could have for free, if they would move it. It was almost in perfect conditon. After two or three days in their home, their four year old took two big bites out of it. Then piano now looks like a beaver attacked it.