Wednesday, March 17, 2010

House Phase

Lately I have been going through a house phase. I have been spring cleaning, re-arranging, re-painting......its been all about the house, changing it up a bit, and working on some projects without added expenditures to the bank account. I love it. I found this really cool chair at at a consignment store that I seriously couldn't resist. I have been looking for the "The Chair" for Alyssa's room for a while now and nada. I found an old wicker chair from the neighbors garbage that I repainted pink.....but I just couldn't live with it after a month. So....I am excited to say that I just found "The Chair" at my favorite store in Pennsylvania called Antique Marketplace. It is pink, and beautiful, and old. One problem....the color a little off and pretty faded and thrashed. After all it is an old chair. So I have this adorable and wonderful friend DeAnn (who seriously can do anything) and she talked me in to trying to recover this beautiful but old, and kind of yucky chair. She has been in the recovering mode as of late and has needed a partner in naturally she came to me (because we are really good at having fun and doing crazy things together). The things that girl gets me it. So the beautiful and gorgeous chair I bought is as of today torn apart to threads (literally) and sitting in Deann's basement. Lets just hope for the best for this poor chair. I really hope it turns out. Here is a before picture.....stay tune for the after one hopefully sometime next week. I just ordered my fabric and can't wait to get it.

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Heidi said...

Good luck with the chair. I've always wanted to try to renew old furniture, but I'm too chicken, and clueless.