Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nothing Like A New Old Bookshelf To Spruce Things Up:)

So I love little adventures, and I love finding treasures of all sorts. It makes life so much more interesting! Mike was on call last weekend so I loaded up the kiddies and headed down to Columbia, Pennsylvania for an antique adventure. Antique is truly the word to describe this tiny little town 40 miles south of Harrisburg. Every building looked either haunted, condemed, or filled with antiques for sale. I was in heaven. It is quite ironic that I love to shop for antiques considering 1)I hate junk and 2)hate clutter. Lets be honest.....that is what a lot of antique shops represent....junk and clutter. However, there is always the chance of finding a hidden treaure that you fall in love with forever and no one else owns for a steal of a deal. old blue book shelf I bought on Saturday with the kiddies. So again honestly, the book shelf is a bit junky,and could add clutter eventually but for right is PERFECT!!!! I am thilled and part of the fun of buying it was the adventure. Every time I walk into a store back here, particularly an anitque store with three kids under the age of five the stares of disbelief and fear from owners is evident. With that being said, I have truly, I think, trained my kids well. They walk around the store saying don't touch, don't touch while making oooh and ahhh noises at the treasures they find. Whoever says bribing and threatening doesn't work well with toddlers has never had one:) Lou a very nice and very feminine store manager ended up feeling like a best friend by the end of our shopping experience. What started out as a dreary gloomy day with Mike on call in Pennsylvania ended up being a fun adventure with a hidden treasure found!

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Me :) said...

Are you kidding me!??! That is THE classiest decorated living room in the world Jenn! I don't know how you do it all!