Saturday, April 17, 2010

The finished project......first and last time recovering a chair....however I did say that about my first sewing project:)

It was easier and more difficult than I thought if that makes sense.  I love, love the fabric.....just don't look too closely:)  It was fun to do this little endeveor with DeAnn.  She is turning out to be the re-upholstery queen.  I think the cute little pink pillow from Target and the 30 cent a yard trim make the chair with the perfect accent:)   


Sarabeara said...

Jenn, It looks wonderful, just like my hair:)You are so good at everything you do!

Heidi said...

So cute!

GeNee said...
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GeNee said...

I love your chair. I love all the fabrics you choose. You are smart girl to recover that chair with your friend.

Cicely said...

That is very impressive! I could never do that.

Hey, my husband, David, would like to talk to Mike about residency. He has a friend who is interested in the same program that your husband is in. I think he sent you an email, but would you tell Mike to email David at dvd.cain@gmail(dot)com.


ps. How is residency going? We are moving to Cleveland for David's 3rd and 4th year rotations and are super excited!