Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hospital Memories

I have many hospital memories.  I have a flood of memories of my Mom throughout the day.  I am who I am because of my Mom.  This was a favorite quote made by Rebecca at my Mom's funeral.  And that statement holds true for me as well.  Because of this, and because of the fact that the main reason I started a blog was to share with her my life away, I am going to write about memories and parts of her that have become a part of me.  Yesterday Mike and I had a great day with the kids.  Mike had the weekend off.....yeah!!.  It was much needed.  We took the kids swimming at the YMCA, took them to the dinner at the hospital, and ended at Bass Pro, a huge shop in the mall that has a big aquarium the kids love to look at.  The hospital is a somewhat frequent dining place for the Sumko clan.  It has actually become a  fond and favorite spot to eat.  It overlooks all of Harrisburg and a favorite memory was one we had with my Mom and Dad the last time they came to visit, a week before the start of her chemo, and the day that Catherine was born.

My Mom and Dad came to the Harrisburg for the birth of baby Catherine.  I can not express what a special time this was for us as a family, and sharing it with my parents was the best.  The day I had Catherine I was a scheduled induction.  My parents took the kids to McDonald's, and Mike and I headed to the hospital.  After a few short hours Catherine was ready to enter the world.  My parents arrived at the hospital about an hour before she was born.  I have the funnest memory of them in my room (thank goodness for the epidural that worked) just hanging out talking at the height of labor.  We were watching survivor, and the Dr. came in to tell me the baby was ready to enter the world.  My parents left the room with the kids and about 10 minutes later Catherine was here and my Mom, Dad and children immediately came in to join the celebration.  The next morning they came back to join us for a lunch at the harrisburg hospital cafeteria.

What a celebration the birth was.  It was just so special to share that time with the people I loved most in the world.  And in particular my Mom.  I will never forget the way she looked at me and Catherine with such love in her eyes.  I will also never forget her holding baby Catherine, rocking her in her arms the day she left while we both just wept.  It was hard to say goodbye that day.  It was extra hard to say goodbye that day knowing she was about to start chemo.  In hindsight....I know why.  Hard things make us stronger, and places we don't expect to be special in our hearts like the harrisburg hospital and the cafeteria  become so with memories.

I went to dinner this last week with dear friends at an upscale, yuppy and delicious restaurant in Harrisburg.  But for some reason I felt some loneliness that night.  I was with best friends, and loved the conversation, but I am homesick these nights for family and my mom.  Last night at the Harrisburg Hospital Cafeteria I recognized again as my Mom knew, it wasn't about the food, or the place, or even the conversation, it is about family and being with those you love most  and making memories that will last.  A great lesson and reminder she continually taught.  Much love......


GeNee said...

I love that picture of your Mom and Dad. I know how excited she was to go and see the new baby and how cute she thought she was. I love her pretty eyes and smile in that picture.

Alicia said...

I LOVE that picture of you with your parents. You look so pretty for just having had a baby! How fun to have that great picture to cherish!