Saturday, February 12, 2011 has changed forever.......Thank you for my Mom, her love, and the love of Heavenly Father that strengthen me every day.

Simply life has changed forever. I miss my Mom, and love her beyond expression.  So I have definately not been blogging as of late.....just trying to cope with a new way of living.  Trying to move forward and live on without my best friend is definately difficult.  Even writing the past two sentences I am starting to cry.  I keep thinking that time will heal, but I know she will always be greatly missed and their will always be a void without her here on earth with me.  Thank you for an eternal perspective.  Thank you for her love and the love of Heavenly Father that I feel and strengthen me every day. I truly can not express the love and appreciation I have for her. The hardest yet most spiritual day of my life, was the day of her passing.  I am grateful for that, and for my absolute amazing family.  Wow, I am so lucky to be an Edwards:)  My perspective on life has once again changed forever, and I hope and pray I can grasp lessons learned and apply.  Life is not about fluff.  Life is about the gospel, my family, and loving and appreciating life lessons every day.  Sometimes much easier said than done.  Seize the new motto for 2011.

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GeNee said...

I love your writing about your Mother. Those are hard lessons to learn at such a young age. We love you and are thinking about you. I love your expression of gratitude for a wonderful Mom and your great family.