Thursday, April 21, 2011


So today is my birthday.  Actually I only have an hour I better take advantage of it and pamper myself while I still have the day!  Tomorrow is Mike's birthday.  Really fun, and amazing we have our birthday's one day apart.  Mike actually used our birthdays as a way to meet me.  He had noticed in our ward directory that we had the same birthday, so he decided to use this for his advantage.  Our first date was one week after both of our birthdays.  Here we are almost seven years, and three children later.   
I woke up to this cute face this morning.:)

and this one.....

Usually Alyssa and Mikey are my alarm clock and come running into my room loudly, jumping on my bed, asking to watch Disney early in the morning.  I usually respond....."yes, but please, please be quiet".  In response they don't listen and turn the sound unusually loud on the TV.  I then put the pillow over my head for a few more minutes and go back to sleep until my alarm blares.  During this sleep time I usually have dreams with mickey mouse playhouse music in the background.:)  My alarm goes off, and I am literally pulled by my two kiddies to come and make them oatmeal.  I am not a morning person.  After all it is midnight and I am wide awake blogging:) 

This morning was different.  I was lightly awake, awaiting the bounding down the stairs and jumping into bed routine.  Today I only heard little quiet footsteps tiptoeing down the stairs.  Then I hear whispering. From what I could tell it was a lot of Alyssa ordering Mikey around, and continually telling him to shush.  Which isn't extremely unusual.....we have nicknamed her "the general" at times.  Next I hear paper.  I  know what paper sounds like, because I hear the shuffle of it often,  and I  usually find big piles of it scattered all of over the house.  I have avid artists with no regard for tree preservation.  After the paper I hear the sound of the microwave, and I start to get a little nervous.  But not too nervous.  I put the pillow over my head  hoping for the best and drift back to sleep.  Next thing I know I am awoken to my six year old Alyssa and four year old Mikey singing me happy birthday.  My little Alyssa carefully carrying a big bowl of oatmeal, and Mikey abounding behind with a birthday card.  My heart melted at two of my best little friends and their kindness and love.   

So the story continues.  We celebrate in bed while eating oatmeal watching Disney, and I ask Alyssa how she had planned all of this.  I go out to the kitchen, and find a note of instructions that Mike had laid out for her.  Alyssa explained that they had all planned it the night before.  As it turns out, Mike had laid out specific instructions and dry oatmeal in a bowl.  He had written instructions on how long to put the oatmeal in the microwave.....etc.  I am not sure what to be more impressed with, Alyssa reading the instructions and following, or Mike for being so thoughtful.  Something I will never forget.  

What a sweet memory to a good, but somewhat thoughtful and pensive birthday.  I appreciated so much thoughts, and gestures of love today.  I have such thoughtful and caring people in my life.  Again....firsts of everything without my Mom/best friend are the hardest.  I definitely felt lots of love on this unique day.  One of my favorite parts of the day was just chatting with my Dad on the phone for quite a while.  I am impressed at his phone chatting skills.  My Mom was the queen of phone conversations, but my Dad is doing well taking that over.  We talked for quite a while about many memories, and funny experiences.  I heard for the first time my Dad's side of the story to the day I was born.  I had always just heard my Mom's.  I knew the story well, but from a different perspective.  I loved hearing about it from my Dad and related to my Mom's indifferent reactions towards him during labor. I am always angry at my Mike during labor.  After all he is the reason for the pain.  The anger is quickly restored with unbelievable and unrequited love as soon I glimpse at my sweet baby.   I know my Mom was the same.  It is amazing how much love I feel from my Mom even now......tangible.    Thank goodness for the gospel perspective. 

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GeNee said...

I loved reading about your birthday. I am glad you had a Happy Birthday. Sometime you will have to tell me the story about your birth! Your Mom was brave to have four kids,because she was sick all nine months. That was so cute about your children and husband fixing your oatmeal for you! I can't think of a better present! I am glad your Dad is visiting with you on the phone. Becky told me you went to California with him and Billy, I hope you had a nice trip.