Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sumko Family Staycation!

So big news.....Mike has an entire week off of work!  Considering he is in his second year of residency, this is quite miraculous!  The kids shouted for joy when they heard the news.  We are officially on our staycation.  A new term I made up.....basically a vacation without going anyway.  Is this possible?  Well we are going to make it possible.  We are having a week of little cooking, lots of eating out, day trips to fun places, movies, lots of dates without the kids, lots of dates with the kids. We are going to "live it up" (a favorite quote my Mom use to use a lot).  We are starting tonight with a date night, and yummy indian food friends from our ward are preparing.  Yeah.....for weeks off.:) 

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GeNee said...

I remember Kathy saying that a lot to me. It sounds so fun to live it up! I hope you have a special week!