Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kitchen Window!

As I have mentioned we had lots of rain this week like the rest of the country.  I am happy to say this has been my view from my kitchen window.  So when I am washing all of my dishes......what seems like a hundred times a day, I am so lucky to look at these.......

Peonies are my favorite flower.....along with hydrangea's.  I just wish they would last a little longer:)

Mike was on call this weekend.....basically in and out the whole weekend.  We finally had lots of sunshine on Saturday. It made us all so happy.  My kids were outside most of the day.  I attempted to mow my lawn (I am officially the professional lawn mower of the family.....not by choice....but of the joys of Mike's crazy schedule.)  I got really frustrated when it died on me.  It is Mikes grandma's 1980 lawn mower on its last leg it seems.  I called Mike at work in complete frustration.....basically getting mad at him complaining he could at least buy me a new lawn mower if I was going to be the one that had to mow it.  He came home an hour later to finish the job.....only to discover the lawn mower was not just didn't have gas.  I was quickly humbled and we both laughed.  Such a Jenn moment that I have often.  I am still in hopes of it dying soon so we can get another one.  Functionality has become vital to survival the past few years.:) 

With that being said I still love the impractical.  I have been sewing away.........  These leggings are my favorite.....the best part....they only cost me 50 cents to make.:)  I hit a good sale at the fabric outlet last week.  Thank goodness for the fabric outlet back here.  I have definitely become a regular.

Saturday night at bedtime the kids were not cooperating in my efforts for an on time bedtime.  They were just having way too much fun doing this........

Alyssa at the helm.....surprise, surprise:)  They were all laughing hysterically.  I loved laughing with them.  It made me want to be little again.  These are the nights I love:)

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GeNee said...

Those leggings are cute. And the kids look like they are having fun playing in the water. I have never mowed a lawn so I am proud of you. My sister Sherry has about three acres and she gets on a mower machine and does some mowing sometimes! My mother has hardly ever put gas in her car, Dad has always done that for her. Times change! But you can do so many things, you are a very talented girl! And when Mike becomes a Doctor and is out of school you can hire someone to mow your lawn if you want!