Monday, June 13, 2011

Full Force!

So summer is here in full force........and we are loving it.  Mikey hurt his hip a few weeks ago from falling off his spiderman bike.  He couldn't walk......literally for a couple of days.  Mike and other ortho Dr.'s he works with were a little worried.  We took him to a pediatric orthopedic specialist and had good news.  There was nothing broken, just some pulled muscles etc.  Basically the Dr. just told us to have him take it running,  jumping,  tackling etc....... So as you can see..........

I am a failing.....:)

We have been enjoying all things that go along with summer, and I have been exceptionally nostalgic of my own summers growing up.  I have been reliving moments of favorite summer memories being little and carefree.  Some favorite memories include........swimming basically every day at the cove point pool, summer movies at olympus hills mall, McDonald's (random memory I know...but I loved McDonald's and we always seemed to go more in the summer), going to play tennis at skyline high school with Dad, Rebecca, Dave and Billy, my Moms taco salad, eating and talking as a family out on our side porch while enjoying the view of Mt. Olympus till late late.  There are just so many memories.......

Going to Grandma Harrington's was always a favorite thing to do in the summer.  We would roll down her hill a million times.  She would make us little triangle peanut butter sandwiches, with homemade lemonade.  She would always have a bright pink or red geranium on her kitchen table, and miniature vintage glass ware to serve us with.  Everything served was done with love and care.  Her, my Mom, and my Aunts would just sit and talk for hours it seemed. 

I have countless fond memories of childhood in the summer.  I just want to relive them all with my own children.  I want my children's memories to be as fond as mine.....which might be hard considering how much I loved mine.:) 

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