Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Milton Hershey has done it again.

I am continually impressed by Milton Hershey.  Everything that he built, and represented was for the good of man.......including his amazing Hershey Hotel.  I had never been inside.

I ventured this past weekend with close friends to enjoy a very special occasion.......Deanne's husbands residency graduation.  Ten years of medical training finally done for them.  What a big accomplishment. To celebrate with Deanne I enjoyed a day at the Hershey Hotel spa with her family and close friends.  

Having never been to a spa in my life......I found it to be simply amazing!!!:)  I thought the Hershey Hotel was beautiful.  The spa experience is so untypical of my unglamorous life......that it was especially wonderful. It was a day I will never forget.  

The night was topped with the graduation dinner for all of the residents graduating.  It was particularly exciting, and emotional because two close friends husbands were graduating.  I am so going to miss my miss Deanne.  She is truly the best.  I feel like we have gone through the trenches......the two of us.......laughing and crying all the way through.  I just love and adore her forever.  Harrisburg is just not the same without her......but I will get through.  At least I have lots of trips in the plans to visit her in Arizona over the years.!


Alicia said...

That sounds like the best!!! I'm so glad you got to enjoy that.

GeNee said...

That sounds so fun! I am glad that you have such a good friend. That is such a beautiful building and how relaxing to have a day away and go to the spa.