Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So my latest project....I have been working on brightening up my basement, and making it more Jenn.....than like a dungeon of whatever, whatevers.  This part of the house has been highly neglected.....and I have had enough.  I painted one of the walls my favorite color....that is the same in my living room.  It is an aqua green/blue.  Today I worked on figuring out the art situation for my newly painted room.  This is how it turned out.

The best part is that it hardly cost me a dime.  So the picture of the butterflies is a $12 poster I bought from Urban Outfitters and put in a clearance framed picture from Walmart, which was collecting dust in my basement.  The others frames were from Target, each only costing me $7.99.  The hot pink toile picture is actually a napkin....yes a brilliant idea I didn't come up with myself:)  I had seen this done on a smaller scale at favorite boutiques.  The other two pictures are actually from an old calendar I used in 2009.  I got the calendar on clearance from Anthropologie.  I loved the pictures after I used the calendar...saved them......but thought I had no use until today.  Thank goodness for dust collectors sometimes.   Anyways.....just had to share.  A little brightness always makes me happy.:)

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DeAnn McWhorter said...

You are so silly. It looked adorable before, not neglected!! But I'm sure it's even better. You are amazing!