Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This trip has been surreal in a sense for a few reasons.  One of which is because for one of the first times, I really feel like a visitor/tourist in a sense and my home really feels like Pennsylvania.  It is so familiar here, and I love, love Utah but my home is not here.  I notice things that I wouldn't have had I not been living away for so long.  I notice that there are a lot of beautiful well groomed people that wear bright colors, carry flashy handbags, wear long shorts, drive lots of suburbans with fancy rims, have lots of children, where fancy espadrilles and blinged out jeans, have artificial blond bobs (yes I know am not one to talk:)) and the list goes on..... and on.....  I have been so entertained noticing the contrasts and have thoroughly enjoyed people watching this trip.

Yesterday was our little tourist day I would say.  I loaded up the troops after being a little bored and not quite sure what to do with myself and my kids.....and we headed out.  It ended up being one of my favorite afternoons so far this trip.....despite my late and discouraged start.  I took the kids to the children's museum and they LOVED it.  One thing for certain with Utah....when it comes to children they really know how to come through.

Mikey especially loved the climbing wall

Alyssa loved being able to be the woman in charge.  She was the grocery store cashier (forever is seemed), a news anchor for even longer, a mail man, a helicopter driver, the star of her own play, and the list goes on and on.  Catherine was just happy to follow:)  We ended up at the fountain's at gateway....

The kids cooled off.  I sat watching while sipping my diet coke.  What a great afternoon.:) 

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