Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My cousins wedding .......then back to reality:)

We were lucky enough to be in Utah for my cousins wedding the day before we came back here to Pennsylvania.   At the reception I  felt like I had stepped into a Jcrew wedding spread.  The location was a cape cod, charming restaurant with tree lit lights, and black and white tile flooring.  It was an inside/outside location.  The bride and groom were young, beautiful and simply....... adorable.  I wish I had taken a better camera for pictures.

The bridesmaids were all wearing versions of this

It was a beautiful and fun affair.  The music and dancing was a favorite part of the night......along with the company of all my family.......including my husband (usually working) and my darling brother from California.  What a fun event the eve of our departure.

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GeNee said...

That was such a fun party! And the bride and groom were so beautiful together. I loved their pictures and it was so fun to see all of you!