Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Reality!

So reality in Pennsylvania.  It is definitely different than my reality in Utah.  Lets just be honest.  Which it should be considering our trips to Utah are long vacations in a sense.  As of late I have been amazed and interested how different realities are for different people, living in different parts country.  The problems, interest's, and concerns facing friends and family in both places are just so different.  Things that are acceptable, normal and appreciated in one part of the country are not so much in another.  This I have learned.....over, over, and over the past seven years:)  It can be confusing at times.

This is when and why family and the gospel are so important to me.  The principles of our church are the same no matter where I am and where I go.  The values...... such as the importance of motherhood, being honest, serving others, living economically, being thoughtful and kind of those less fortunate in any way...... are the things the gospel teaches, and are the things my parents tried to instill. They are not always easy .......lets be honest, but they are values which give me so much hope and peace in my life.

My younger, but wiser brother always has important things to say to me.  He was mentioning that so many times in his life since our Mom has passed away,  he feels lucky to know exactly what Mom would say and suggest to him in his life.  He knows this because she taught it to us over and over, through not only her words, but her example.  I feel the same way.....and what a blessing that is.  What a blessing we know even though not here with us on earth......what our Mom  would say.  We know through the gospel what we should do, and how to gain peace.

So yes......this entry is a little deep.....but it has been on my mind so much. So anyway.....

My reality is this.........since I have been home in Pennsylvania.

 Back to embracing motherhood in the throws of my crazy husbands schedule (he is not crazy just his schedule......had to clarify in case he will read this), hungry mouths to feed, and dirty feet to clean.  But I am  enjoying the simplicity of Pennsylvania where having three kids makes anyone a super mom, no one notices if you haven't showered in a week, and being as friendly as possible annoys and astonishes your neighbors.:) 

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