Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The weekend!

I am starting to get sad realizing a month long vacy is getting close to the end.  I have had a huge bucket list of a hundred things I have wanted to do.  Unfortunately......not enough time in the day....or the month....or probably the year:)   

This weekend was a Sumko reunion of sorts.  We stayed in Wayan, Idaho (a tiny tiny dot on the map) and travelled into the Lava Hot springs for a couple of days.  Lava is known for its 90 foot high dive.

Like son........

I loved basking in the sun and shade with an occasional run down the green slide:)

Shopping at the local grocery store was particularly entertaining..........
Only in the mountain ranges of the West......will you find live kill hanging as decor.

What a great feeling after a long day in the sun to come home to this view from our front door.  I was reminded how much I love the country and the mountains all in one. 

Utah summers........bring me back to my roots.......LOVE!


GeNee said...

I love your pictures and swimsuit which is so cute on you. Your Mom and I use to go to Lava Hot Springs for a Hymas reunion. We could not wait for Max, who was the president of the reunion to get through talking so we could swim. I remember feeding the fish popcorn. It looks like it has been updated since I was there. It would be fun to go back.

Heidi said...

Great pictures. I didn't know they still had diving boards at swimming pools. LOVE your swimsuit!!