Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saturday Relief Society

It was Saturday night, a quarter to eight at night and the General Relief Society meeting was going to be starting in fifteen minutes.  Our ward house is a good twenty minutes away, and I was just too exhausted to make the trek.  I turned on BYU TV and was thrilled it was being broadcast.  I love technology.....and I must say I love my cable.  I didn't have to move one inch to see it.:) 

I have been thinking so so much about Brother Uchtdorf's talk.  I know most woman feel the same, but I really felt like he was directly talking to me.  He is such an AMAZING speaker, and speaks exactly what I think we all feel and need to hear over and over.  He used the forget me knot flower as a symbol.  For one.......I truly love flowers.   Secondly, I know that I, as I am sure others, can often feel like a forget me knot flower in life.  His message was simple......but I want to write it down, because the more I see and hear it the better:)

Forget not.......
1) To be patient with yourself.
2)  The difference between good and foolish sacrifices.   (I was laughing at the analogy he used of a  young mom staying up late on a Saturday night to finish the perfect accessory for Sunday guilty:))
3)  To be happy now.
4)  The why of the gospel.
5)  That the Lord loves you.

The last one in particular I have been really thoughtful about.  It is easy to think sometimes of being one of the masses.  The fact the Lord loves us is one of the great miracles of the church actually!  He loves us even when we don't always feel our best.  What a great knowledge.  I have been thinking about it so much....I had to write it down.


GeNee said...
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GeNee said...

That was such a great talk for women, I loved your thoughts about it, and that you have a picture of a forget me not flower to go with it.

DeAnn McWhorter said...

When i was listening to this I was thinking of all of us resident/fellow wives. We have to remember to enjoy the NOW!!