Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Continues.

Fall continues and so does the rain.  I know I keep talking about it, but it has seriously been record breaking and crazy.  When the sun shine is are we.  This past Friday was a beautiful day and I headed out with Mikey and Catherine on a little excursion.  I have always wanted to go to the Farmer's Market in off we went.  We were in search of a few pumpkins, and I really just wanted to drive through the countryside. 

We found our pumpkins, and I loved the little Farmers Market in Lancaster.  Field trips like that are my favorite.  I feel so much freedom getting in my car and just heading out for small adventures.  I remember so well my Mom doing this with us as kids......I use to love it.  It is the little things:)  Their was live music, we got our treats and just hung out.  The weather was beautiful, with a crisp fall feel in the air.

Catherine and Mikey are quite the pair these days, with Alyssa in school all day. 


GeNee said...

Those kids are having a good time. I love the orange pumkins. The only time of year I get excited about orange.

DeAnn McWhorter said...

Oh man I wish I was with you!