Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ashcombe Farms with Grandpa.

To get us in the holiday spirit I took my Dad to Ashcombe Farms.  A favorite local nursery.  They sell the best poinsettia's in town:)

Catherine was our cute little companion.....while the other two were in school.

Her little coat is the best deal of the season.  It was mine when I was two, passed down to Alyssa, and now onto baby Catherine.  Those are the best purchases......(the kind that last).:)

I bought a few sprigs of holly for my front porch

a yummy chocolate chip cookie to go.....

and excursion complete:)

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GeNee said...

What a great picture of Bill. I love that little coat that is yours. It looks so fun to go to all the farms back there. Your little one looks so cute in that red coat and plaid dress, all the things your mother and I like.