Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Unexpected lunch with Dad at the Hospital.....a couple stitches to go:)

We were pulling out of the driveway to meet up at a friends house this morning in Hershey.  Little Mikey asks me "Mom, am I going to have a scar on my head forever?"  He had split the back of  his head open less than a year ago at the Philadelphia Zoo.  He must have sensed the day in store.  It is now four in the afternoon, and Mikey will now have two scars on his head.

We ended up around lunch time for a stitch up visit to Dad.   Yes Mikey hit his head again....this time on the side.   Little Mikey was super scared, but rather tough.  He knew the drill....holding his hand to his head applying pressure.  The entire drive to the hospital the only thing that consoled him was when he told me one of his best friends Cameron has even more scars on his head than he does.:)

I was much more calm this time...knowing the outcome a bit better.  I commented to Mike (my husband) how proud I was of myself for being so calm.  He laughed, and reminded me he had 8 missed calls while in surgery.  I am always a little panicked when it comes to blood.   I was frustrated I couldn't get a hold of him -  so I just showed up and surprised him.  I was, and am determined, if there is going to be one benefit of residency for our family....it is a least free and fast stitches:)

I had a couple of the other residents joke and comment that we must really want to see more of Dad around.  After the stitches we all ended up in the residents lounge eating cafeteria jello, french fries, and pizza.  Some day I might have a funny memory of these experiences.  Right now....I am just holding on:)  ha ha.

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GeNee said...

That sounds traumatic. I hope that is the last of the stitches. Thank goodness for the doctor!