Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Visit from Rebecca!

So last weekend I was lucky enough to have my darling sister Rebecca come out for a visit.  Being the mother of 8 kids, it was a lucky get away for me to have her visit.  She was here from Thursday through Sunday.  It was PERFECT!  I don't think either of us have really had such a chance to visit for four days straight.... away from the craziness of our lives (her def. more than mine:)).  I was reminded of the bond of sisterhood.  There is nothing like family and I am once again reminded. 

As soon as I picked her up from the airport, I was reminded of how her mannerisms are reminiscent of both growing up, and my Mom.  She has such a warm inviting way that draws so many people to her.  I was teasing her when we stopped at King of Prussia mall after picking her up from the Philladelphia airport.  I don't think the store clerks were use to such a friendly, warm way.  She had made a dozen or more friends within the first hour of visiting in the East.  So refreshing!

A highlight was all of it really.   It wouldn't be a proper girls trip without some good food, and good shopping.  We enjoyed both.  Don't worry Mike......mostly window:) haha:)  Mike was and Tom were both wonderful to man the forts at home while we bonded.  The weather was perfect and we especially enjoyed a fun and fancy lunch at the Hershey Hotel.  She left two days ago and I am already homesick for her.  Good thing I have more family coming to visit tomorrow.

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GeNee said...

I am so glad Rebecca could go and see you. What a fun time and what beautiful sisters you are. You look so great together.