Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Catherine and her piles.......

In what seems to be every room of my house at any given time as of late, you will find a pile of about 10 blankets and random whatevers..... from all parts of the house.  The culprit.........baby Catherine! 

Beware of moving them .......because 1) if she sees you she will scream bloody murder or 2) if she discovers her pile is gone she will simply make a new one.

For christmas Santa showed up with a vintage baby carriage.......which has turned out to be a major gear carrier and a huge hit.  Lets hope this vintage piece lasts more than a week with all of her piles.

She carts it from room to room.....adding random treasures along the way.  I guess I at least don't have to look at piles on the floor anymore.  What a funny munchkin.:) we love and adore.

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GeNee said...

I love this picture!