Saturday, January 28, 2012

Business Card.

So.......the project of getting things in line for the photography business is started.  I am thinking about using this for my business card. 

I am quite indecisive these days.  I need a project manager:)  My husband is convinced about being involved....he is trying to be the project mangager.  He spent hours last night trying to figure out how to design my logo, and business card himself....very sweet of him. He has been learning a little about photoshop himself these days.

I must admit my favorite parts of photography are putting together outfits, and accessories......editing, and taking pictures outdoors.  It doesn't hurt when I think the subject is absolutely adorable.! 

I am getting better at just getting out the door and doing it.  I put my other kids in charge of a list of Saturday chores, and headed out with Cath for 20 minutes to take these photos.  I was shocked to come home to the list of chores done, and a few photos that actually turned out.  Happy off to our family saturday Costco run.  I love that store:)

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DeAnn McWhorter said...

I can't believe how much her little face has changed! She is so beautiful!