Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Confessions and Bargains.

So I have a confession.  I really like beautiful things.  I haven't gone on pinterest much, just signed up.  The other day I was on there and realized that everything I loved and wanted when it came to home decor and clothing was beautiful, and super pricey.  I must admit.....I felt a bit of disappointment after browsing realizing that expensive items I loved just weren't quite in my budget:)  In fact....I don't know that they will ever quite be in my budget....... both fiscally and conscientiously.  Fun to dream nonetheless.  I am yet determined with the new year to try and stay more within my budget. 

So this post is dedicated to the bargains over the years I have gathered and collected.  I need to be reminded that once again.....I can search, find, and decorate on a dime.  Oh.....and save some money for new wardrobe items after the babe.  I will just have to stick with pinterest for daydreaming on splurges. I am disclosing my bargains with serious pride.  I just hope my husband will see this post.:)  I need to score some points with him in this area I am afraid:)

$5 from a yard sale.  It does help that the East seems to have extra fantastic yard sales.  This is in my kitchen.

From an old antique store in some obscure little town in PA.  $100 ......but well worth every cent.  It makes the living room.....and gives me a place to put my little treasures.

$15 dollar yard sale

Chair free from side of road, fabric and recovering done by a friend when I lived in Erie.  Super cheap labor.  Less than $300 for fabric and recovering.

I think this might be one of my best bargains of all time.  It is in the girls room, and cost me $ lie.  I found it on eBay of all places.  You wouldn't believe it was even delivered for free from a nice couple from Lancaster.  They just wanted a home where it would be appreciated!  Perfect!

Catherine's dresser $110 from my antique store.  I call it "my antique" store....because it is five minutes from my house....and I am on a first name basis with all the employees.:)

Table $20 "my antique" store.

$20 for frame and mat (big lots) picture is from a bird book of my Mom's

Really the list could go on an on.....maybe I will add a few more of my bargain finds tommorrow.  


Amber said...

Everything is lovely and interesting. I bet your adventures in finding such amazing pieces make them even more beautiful. I'm sure they add a charming touch to your home. :)

DeAnn McWhorter said...

You are amazing! No really you are! I miss those great PA antiques. I miss your beautiful home.