Monday, January 9, 2012

I found a new perfect picture spot, and am learning a few more technigques. Practice makes perfect right:)

So practice, practice, practice.  I am loving photography.  I know......a little out of control taking pictures of my kids, but seriously I have a ryhm and reason.  I have recently discovered a few more tips from photoshop masters, and my confidence in picture taking is increasing.  As I think about goals for the 2012 I have a secret one.....which is I guess not really a secret anymore.  I would love to start a little business.  Scary....that I even just typed that.  So practice makes perfect....and why not create memories in the meantime.:)   I may have to start paying my kids to be my studies:)  They surely aren't going to be paying me.  Just with memories I guess.

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GeNee said...

You are a good photographer. I think your pictures are so fun!