Sunday, March 18, 2012

My little leprechauns!

St. Patty's day was big this year in the Sumko household.  I am part Irish on my Mom's side.  My Mom's Dad was full Irish.....needless to say St. Patricks day was a favorite celebration in my Mom's family.  Growing up every year it was a tradition to go to my Uncle Bob's house, eat shrimp and baked potato's, and watch the Quiet Man.  We ALWAYS looked forward to this night of festivities with Harrington cousins.  From the time I can remember I was dressed in green on St. Patty's day, with pin in place for the day!  No questions asked in our household.  Even as I have moved away from home, my Mom would call me every year and ask the big question......."are you wearing green?".....followed by "I sent you a pin". 

This year I definitely made her proud.  The Sumko clan was ALL dressed in green....including my husband.  The weather was fantastically spring like.  With sunshine and family all in tote.....I was loving thinking back on fond memories and creating new ones with my little family.  Mike has Irish in his blood as well. 

My kids are on full board with any excuse for holiday celebrations.  They were anticipating leprechauns visiting for days.  Alyssa had heard from friends at school that they caused mischief.  She spread the word quickly.  The night of St. Patty's eve Alyssa and Mikey had the entire neighborhood full of kids looking for leprechaun clues.  They found random wrappers, and money and were convinced all the neighbor kids leprechaun's were near.  That evening leprechaun's visited and bit of havoc came upon the house.  Chairs were tipped upside down....all the kitchen drawers and cupboards were open.....and dish towels were thrown everywhere.  The leprechaun left a note that he was looking for gold and couldn't find any.:) 

You would have thought it was Christmas the morning of St. Patricks day.  The kids were thrilled they had a night time visitor.  The mess was definetely worth the smiles.  Good thing closing drawers and turning over chairs doesn't take long.

We spent most of the day outside in the sun.   Amazing what Vitamin D does for the spirit.  That night we ended up downtown at the hospital for dinner, and watched the sunset from the seven bridges park across the street.  It was an extra happy and memorable St. Patricks day for me.  I had a smile from ear to ear, and could feel my Mom smiling down on our little family ALL day.

The sunset was one of the most beautiful I have seen in Harrisburg.

At the hospital the kids found fake gold coins and were thrilled to have something to leave for the leprechaun in case he visited again.  That night as I was checking to make sure doors were all locked and kids tucked in bed I found a note from Alyssa and Mikey, "Dear Leprechaun, here is some gold."  They had left two coins and the note by the front door.....just in case.

The leprechaun collected and no more messes were found in the morning.

Love this little family.  Excited to meet the new addition......33 weeks and counting:) 

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GeNee said...

I love all the green. You all look fantastic. And the story about the leprechauns turning over the chairs was so fun! Your parties with the shrimp always sounded so fun to me. I loved the pictures of your children. e