Thursday, April 5, 2012

My soon to not be baby Catherine.!

My soon to not be baby Catherine.  I am always nostalgic for my toddler baby before a new baby is about to be born.  This little munchken could not bring more joy to the Sumko household.  I just have to document her latests and greatests for record. 

I love this picture because it is such a classic Catherine "pouty face"

She talks and talks, and sings and sings.  Her favorite words to say are Sissa (for Alyssa) , Duckey (for Mikey), and baby Samuel for my ever growing tummy.

She has a baby doll or her favorite blanky in hand every where she goes....oh and lets not forget, carriage in tow constantly around the house.  She has a bit of a hoarding problem with piles on her carriage.:)

She is even more girly than Alyssa (which is somewhat hard).  She insists on wearing a necklace every day as of late.  The one above her recent favorite.
Out of the blue she will say with a dramatic pouty face like the one above "uh hair is sticking hair is sticking up".....and then "bowie in my hair mommy, bowie in my hair?".

Her favorite food is french fries....she asks for them every day.

She LOVE LOVES to sing at the top of her lungs to herself often.  Her favorite song is without a doubt "Old McDonald had a farm".  She knows all the animal sounds.  Our favorite..... the dramatic "meow" of the cat, and the large "roar" of the bear.  It is amazing what animals are on this girls farm:)

Her favorite ride at Disney Land was "It's a small world."  She tells random strangers and me every day "boat ride, and baby doll" in memory of the the ride. 

Her favorite color is pink "I have honestly in no way enforced.....other than buying a lot of it:)".  She wants the pink cup, the pink dish....the pink shorts.....

She loves to give hugs and snuggle, and give big kisses...

She is quite the dancer and laughs while saying "shake your bottom, shake your bottom"  wiggling  and wiggling with and without music.  I can't help but laugh every time.  

She has both parents completely wrapped around their little fingers.  Probably a problem.  Of all the  two year olds we have had....I have the hardest time getting too mad at this one.:)  I really do.  I must be getting soft with age:) 

We really do LOVE this little girl!




Amber said...

Such a cute post. :)

GeNee said...

The little things you record about your children will be so great for them to read when they grow up! I love that she likes necklaces. And I love all her ruffles and bows.