Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yard Sales!

Although yard sales are fun and a great way to get rid of "stuff"......I am more of a talker when it comes to participating.  This has been the weekend of yard sales in my neighborhood.  It is a yearly neighborhood "tradition"  to hold a yard sale, and this year I was determined to participate.  My downstairs storage had reached its maximum capacity of "stuff."  I was rearing to go the entire week, talking the talk to different friends and people I would see around town.  I was motivated an excited for the sale.  The night before the sale I had a church activity and got home late.  Mike was dead tired to the world, and was on call the next morning at 4 am.  So needless to say I went to bed Thursday in high hopes  for an early Friday morning rise to get ready for the big "sale".

Friday morning came, and it was a sight to behold.  I woke up late because my kids slept in.  I looked out the window to see I was definitely late on the draw.  There were dozens of cars at 9:00 am doing drive by's and my good friend and neighbor informed me people had been out  since 6:30 am.  There are hard core yard sale customers in the countryside of Pennsylvania.

My first item of business was to set up my items for the sale.  I went downstairs only to realize a few of the furniture items I wanted to sale were a bit too heavy for just me to carry.   I was hoping Mike would help me the night before, but fault that didn't happen.  I organized the troops of three (Sammy being too little) and commanded some help with bringing up the items.  It was truly a sight to behold I wish I had on video.  Alyssa and Mikey were at the bottom of our steep stairs pushing 5 drawer dressers, while I was yelling on the other end to push harder.  I am afraid child labor would have been called had their been witnesses.:)

We finally got our goods outside when I decided I had enough and loaded the troops up for the YMCA gym.  I was in need of a work out to relieve stress already of the morning.  I got home an hour later with news that about fifty people had been browsing and curious as to where the seller disappeared.  Oh well....I thought...there is still time.  I quickly jumped in the shower.  Two minutes after I was in the shower Mikey yelled I had my first customer.  I jumped out quickly, grabbed my nearest sweats, and headed out the door .  A lady wanted one of the rugs I was selling for $15.00.  She asked if I would negotiate and I replied "sure, what do you want?" Bad idea I learned.  She then replied $3.00.  I was a bit stunned by her cheapness, but with my state and condition I relinquished to $5.00.   I then went inside put my money in my wallet and went to finish getting ready when I noticed streams of mascara running down my face.  I was a sight to behold.  I must have scared her shamelessly:)

Shortly after getting ready I headed out for real business.  It was noon by this point and people were pretty much yard saled out for the day.  I sat on my Adirondack for about 5 minutes tops and with a bit of ADD  headed over to Becky's two doors down to check out her goods.  She has become a great friend, and we have lots to do with each other because our kids are playing constantly.  She had a couple of toys that Cath was obsessed I took my $5.00 I earned and spent it quickly and willingly.  Becky was laughing at my big talk and little actions with the yard sale.  She had banked $100.00 at this point I was down to zero.

Oh goodness I am a yard sale slacker.  My neighbor wanted a decorative plant holder item.  She always brings us goodies and presents.....and how in the world was I going to have the heart to make HER pay.  So I just said take it......take it all Peg.  I asked if there was anything else she wanted and I offered it to her for free.  I am a horrible business person.

Needless to say, in total I probably lost money from my yard sale this weekend.  I haven't broke the news to Mike yet.  I think he will be a bit disappointed.  I at least promised him a date night out of the money I thought I would earn.  But the bright side is it kept me occupied, I had a few laughs, and I cleaned out a few items from my basement.

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GeNee said...

Your a good writer and you made me laugh!