Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Comfort Zones.

So comfort zones.  We all have them.  Many times I think they are a good thing.  They keep us grounded and true to who we are.  I remember when I was dating people, a question my Mom would always ask was "is he in your comfort zone?"  Meaning..... are you completely comfortable with him.  That was one of the biggest reasons I love Mike.  He is so so in my "comfort zone".

Sometimes my Mom taught me growing up that it is good to get out of your comfort zone a bit.  I remember when I was young, she would encourage me to play with different types of friends, because she thought it was good for me to be comfortable with different types of people.  She continued to teach me to step outside of my comfort zone over the years.  Whether it be run for a student office, or try out for the dance team (even though) I was six feet tall.  She would push me to go just a bit beyond my "comfort" zone.
I learned a lot from those experiences, and totally agree with her.  It is good to step outside and push ourselves a bit.

I am a private person by nature.  It is an inherited trait I think.  I am also not someone who likes to stick out of a crowd.  Not my nature.  In fact I think that was why it was hard for me growing up to be six feet tall at an early age.  I just wanted to blend.  I like blending.

With that being said.  Blogging, and starting a photography blog is a bit out of my comfort zone.   I have had a goal over the past year or so to work on being a bit less of a private person, and to open up myself to a new talent of photography.  Such a little thing is a stretch for me.  But it has been a good stretch.  It has encouraged me to make new goals, and reach for something tangible in my intangible life. I have learned and grown over the years, and hope to continue to reach outside of my comfort zone and grow.  Thanks Mom.....for all you have taught me.  Once again I am realizing your wisdom as a mother.

I just had to share:)!


Alicia said...

I love your mom and I love this post. One of my favorite qualities about your mother is her ability to notice something good about each person and compliment each person. You talk about being tall, but I've just always thought you were stunning! I would love to look like you look. All my life I've felt dumpy and too chubby. Insecure about how to dress my chub. But whenever I saw your mom, she would always compliment me like I was the most lovely thing she ever saw. When she would do that, I would literally blush--it was so "out of my comfort zone" to believe her compliment could be true. And I carried that all my life: it being hard to believe that someone would think I was impressive to behold. Lol. I am getting a lot better at it, but at first when I was married, I believed deep down my husband just married me because I pushed him into it. But I am learning to accept that even I can be cool! I love the quote: "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Since your mom passed away, I have become more aware of her influence in my life of paying compliments to folks and looking for the good in and about them. I give compliments with confidence all the time and it has only done positive things for my own self-worth and that of others AND it has made me a lot of new friends!

DeAnn McWhorter said...

She was so wise! Your mom taught you so much. it's probably why I LOVE you so much!