Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY Crowns

The crown I made for Catherine's birthday was a fun small project, and very easy to make.

Materials:  Lace (I used crocheted lace.....I think it works better), mod podge, glitter paint, and of course a glue gun!

Cut eight inch strips of lace (any size works).
Apply two thin layers of mod podge.
Wait to dry completely (this is key).
Apply your choice of glitter paint (I always love the Martha Stewart brand).
Use a glue gun to finish.

I happen to have a couple of silver glitter headbands I found last year at the dollar store to attach them to.  You can use a clip or a just bobby pins to attach as well.   

Pinned Image

This is an image of the crowns I found on Pinterest.  Pink is going to be my next color of choice:)

Darling for gifts, as clips, on cupcakes, cakes....the list is endless.

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