Friday, September 14, 2012

Just A Box Of Cereal.....

The other day I had a few errands to run including the grocery store.  It was about the fifth errand with all kids in tow, and needless to say they weren't happy about it.  I told them as we entered the grocery store that they could each choose their own box of cereal if they would be happy and helpful.  I know probably not what I am "suppose" to do.....but it works.

My kids were beyond thrilled.  It was as if they had never had cereal before.  They each chose a box which turned out to be completely predictable.  Mikey always loves corn pops, Alyssa always cinnamon toast crunch, and well Cath loves anything that comes in a pink box.:)  I was reminded how a simple treat can appease the miniature masses:)

I thought of myself, and how I am so much the same way.  Sometimes for me it is a "simple box of cereal" that can make my day.  As Mom's that stay at home we don't get many pats on the back or monetary credit.  Many of us love what we do, but sometimes it really is the small things that can get me through.  A 20 oz. diet coke, a yard of fabric, a roll of new ribbon, a new shade of lipstick,  sometimes it can be as silly for me as a new car freshener.  The list goes on and on.

It's the little things in life, that sometimes make all the difference in our days.

This week I purchased these ........ and it truly did make me happy.

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