Saturday, November 10, 2012

Losing Wiggles.

You know those days where you feel like you almost have it together, but then realize you totally don't!  
I seem to have those quite often.  Let's be honest for those who know me really well this is not such a shock:)  Life is always a bit humbling.  Just when I think I have things under control.....something just happens. 

The past couple of days I have experienced some "classic" Jenn moments.  I say "classic" Jenn moments, because I really do try....but sometimes.......well lets just say I try...

So I thought it would be a nice gesture to send flowers to a friend whose husband just recently lost in the elections.  I am meticulously trying to find "just the right gift" for consolation.  I stew for hours on whether I should choose, roses, or a mum, or just make something.  Really I put a bit of thought into it.  I wanted it to be just the right sentiment for someone who had worked so hard campaigning.  
I choose my flower arrangement, and have it carefully wrapped with just the right ribbon, just the right way.  I snag a card to go with it....and off I go to save the day to my friends with the arrangement.

A couple of hours later she sends me a text thanking me for the arrangement.  She was a bit confused however because the card on the back read "I hope you have a great summer vacation".  Oops.....

I then pick up the kids from school. Alyssa finally finds her second coat we have lost for the year.  It was at the bottom of the lost and found.  Mikey's feet are ruthlessly stinky because we never can find a match of socks, and are always running late.  I just say Mikey....forget the socks.  We then reap the benefit of the horrible smell in the car on the way home.   The irony, is that my girls are rarely seen without a bow in their hair, and I always seem to manage lip gloss.  Yes....I have issues.:)

The kids are telling me about their day excitedly.  The big news is Mikey has wiggles.   Wiggles is a fake turtle that he (meaning we) are suppose to take care of all weekend, and then journal about it.  No big deal  right, but to the kids it is the huge deal.  

So off to the park we go, kids and wiggles in tow.  It is a beautiful day, and all I want to do is enjoy the sunshine and let my kids get out all their energy.  Again..... "trying to be a good Mom".  We are at the park for a long time, and then head home for dinner.

The next morning....we go about our daily business.  Mike took a big test he has been stressed over, and like usual am trying to man the kids.  After a couple of outings....just when everyone including me is exhausted Mikey yells....
"wiggles"....he is gone.  

Just to preface, as I looked through the past wiggle journal entries I felt a bit overwhelmed.  All of the other parents, had really done a lot and taken extra good care of wiggles. They had taken tons of pictures, and had done tons of activities.  So here we are the day before going back to school realizing that wiggles is no where to be found, and we totally forgot all about homework.  

The last place we remember seeing wiggles is the park.  We head over to the park.  Soon all four of us, baby not included are searching and scavenging the park for a tiny unmovable, unliving, item.   Mikey is throwing a huge tantrum.  It is the end of the world to him.  We don't find wiggles, but we do find Alyssa's coat she had just gotten from the lost and found. goodness....I am a mess.

We finally find wiggles at the bottom of some random pine tree.  

We never did find the container.  But wiggles had an adventurous night alone at the park.
Seriously....can I try and get it together a little more please:)


DeAnn McWhorter said...

Oh Jen, this is exactly why I love you! We all have those days. You have a wonderful attitude about everything.

Amber said...

You might not think so, but this post shows just what an amazing mom you are! You write about things that I remember going through as a kid and I have an incredible mom! Please never stop writing of your adventures....and life. I've said it before...Reading your blog is like a breath of fresh air. :)