Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Trip To Costco.

Mike has five days off for Christmas this year.  This is huge and monumental in the Sumko household.  We are moving up  in the pecking order of residency.  Yeah!:)  To celebrate we headed out with Cath and Sammy to Costco while the Alyssa and Mikey were in school in preparation for our Christmas celebration.  

We got our list of must haves for the Holidays in our little, but growing family.  
Mike insisted on M&Ms, peanuts, and raisins to make a giant trail mix
He also had to get his favorite fixings for extra special panini's. 
I look forward every year to their pecan pie,
and one of their spiral hams to go with augratins was high on the list.  

It is the little things during the holidays that make us feel like home away from home.

Did I mention how freezing it has been.  Mike has been teasing me about my "uniform" as of late.  I have to document just for posterity sake.  I am really hoping I don't get turned in these days for "What Not To Wear".  I have practically been sleeping in my furry Uggs.  They were without a doubt the best investment I have made during my time here in Pennsylvania.  It is all about survival of the cold at this point.  When did I become such a wimp.:)  The winds and the humidity is what kills me. I really need to call dear Deanne and head out for a visit to the sunshine of Arizona.  

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DeAnn McWhorter said...

YES YOU DO!!! 70 degrees here. We were delivering Christmas goodies yesterday an Benjamin was wearing flip flops! You look adorable. Those are the best hats. Believe it or not...I miss the cold!