Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DIY or not to DIY

So it is apparent in the world we will live that many people love Do It Yourself projects.  Myself very much included.  There is something so rewarding about creating something by yourself in a cost effective, and creative way.  However, I think we can take DIY to the extremes.  Again myself included, and with a recent experience I will share.  

I am a hair girl.  I have been since I can remember.  Quite honestly I will blame my darling and sweet mother who started taking me at a young age.  I loved it however, and still do.  

My hairdresser is an important staple in my life.  Yes very vain, and I REALLY hate to admit.  But there you have it.  Jenn's confessions......  In fact, my hair was one of the first make or breaks in Mike and my relationship.  I basically told him my hair costs money, and isn't always cheap.  However, it comes with the package.  You take me, you take the hair.  After some deliberation....he finally gave in.  He must really love me, with or without the hair.:)

As of late my schedule hasn't coordinated well with my hairdresser.  This is where the DIY comes in, and also the trouble.:)  A couple of months ago my roots needed a big time touch up, and I "happened" to walk into Sally's beauty supply.  This is where my Meghan (my hairdresser) told me I went wrong. 
I asked the store clerk advice on highlighting hair, and before you know it I walked out with a pouch of bleach, some tinfoil, and 30 volume mix.  

I went home and deliberated my purchase for a few hours.  I prepared the mixture and just starred at it for a bit.  I looked at my roots, then at the mixture.  I gave myself a pep talk on my DIY abilities, and just went for it.

 I loved it.  I pretended the entire time I knew what I was doing.   I held the comb just like my hairdresser always does.  I was confident, smooth, and meticulous with the tinfoil.  When I went to wash it out I kept repeating to myself....."I am really not THAT is only hair." 

Well guess what I realized.
 I AM THAT VAIN....and a good hair highlight is not for the DIYers.  I would like to say that this was the first time I learned this lesson. Unfortunately, this is one of those re occurring lessons I learn every few years.  The only person I can blame is myself and my overconfidence in DIY's.

After a couple more trips to Sally's I fixed it enough for presentable, with pretty minimal breakage.  However today I finally made it to Meghan, my hairdresser.  Oh, how I have missed her.:)

I surely love that girl, and her magical abilities.....particularly during this wintry month.
I am ready for the sun and the fun with my "new professional do".:)  

Lesson learned......
Never overestimate your own DIY abilities, and never underestimate the "REAL DEAL"!:):)

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