Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years.

New Years Eve.....

It was five at night and my phone had not rung all day.  A new years resolution for next year.....I am going to get at least three phone calls, family doesn't count, and one New Years party invite:)  Hahaha. 

I could swear there was a time when I at least thought I was kind of popular and social.  Probably not....but at least I thought:)  
It really turned out to be a cozy night despite my lack of social standings. 
I was with my favorite people, the kids and Mike, snuggled at home. We made New Years toasts with rootbeer, banged our pots and pans for all the neighbors to hear, and snuggled to watch my favorite broadcaster (Ryan Seacrest....I love him by the way) ring in the New Year.  The kids were out by ten, and Mike and I fell asleep shortly after midnight.

We were wild and crazy in this household.:)

Today has been just about as quiet.  I took down my Christmas decorations, cleaned out part of my storage room (a huge feet), re-arranged my sewing corner, pondered about the millions of resolutions I am determined to start tommorrow:)  and there you have it.

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