Saturday, January 12, 2013

If only....

If only......
is something that I am going to stop saying.
It is so easy in the world today to say and think if only I.....
Particularly during January.  
I re-learn the lesson of not saying if only...... over and over in my life.  
Something I will shamelessly admit.    

We live in a day where we are bombarded with social media that can deceive us into thinking that everyone elses lives are glamorous and more wonderful than our own.  It is easy to look at someones facebook, or blog, or just them in person and what a life.... what happened to mine:)  

Recently I seem to be noticing many peoples exotic vacations, as I am huddled by my little heater in my sun room hoping to thaw before my next run for kindergarten pickup.   Or I notice the 22 year old mall employee with the perfect, milky, spotless complexion.  Or the friend at church whose children sit perfectly through the entire sacrament meeting while one of mine is throwing his shoe at the 80 year woman five rows in front of me (this really did happen by the way).  You get my drift.  There is always someone better, more beautiful etc.  

I found this quote and I love it.

I haven't found the source to the quote.....but a great thought for the day, or month, or in my case life:)    So forget the "have nots" and cheers to the "have's"  for the New Year. 

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