Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Boys as of Late.

These boys of mine having been making me laugh and smile.  

Sammy and his bouncing.....

I couldn't get him to hold still for just a second to catch a pic on my iPhone.  He LOVES his jolly jump up.  Before I know he is going to be bouncing off the walls.  Lets keep this boy contained for just a bit longer:)

Mikey and his collections.  His recent collection of the month are these little tiny ninja guys from the vending machines at our local pizza hot spot, Roberto's.  

With a smile like this is hard to refuse any and all quarters I have.  Even if I do refuse, he ends up scouring the house and finding them ALL. 
I keep promising the pizza guys at Roberto's we are actually going to purchase pizza, and not just come in for their vending machines.  I am not sure they believe me.  Our neighbors got him hooked on this joint:)

Loving these boys of mine.  

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