Saturday, January 19, 2013

The most exciting news of my year.!

Without a doubt some of the most exciting news of my whole year.
I got a NEW sewing machine.
My walmart cheapy was great and lasted a few years.  It had its time, but was running short on life.   The Mercedes of sewing machines showed up at my doorstep just prior to Christmas, thanks to my wonderful mother in law.  I got a Pfaff.
It has changed my life....hahaha.  At least my sewing life.  

January is always the perfect time to sew.  Particularly with cold weather, and dreary days.  I can day dream about the spring and summer months ahead, while whisking away with fabric in hands.  My kids are usually screaming in the back, and dishes seem to pile quickly....but the time is priceless.  Actually, I try to get a bit done just here and there so I don't pay to greatly with the pile ups.  

My latest and greatest I found are some patterns from Pinterest.  Free down loadable patterns are my personal favorite.  My friend Becky pins them, and then I just copy her.  It works out great. 

The bubble dress is the recent favorite.  It can be found here.

Bubble dress: pattern and tutorial

It is very simple, and I must say the link walks you through it step by step amazingly.  

The result.

A little gingham number ready for blue skies ahead.  

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