Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting Ready!

Our family has some adventures/travels in store.  We are going to be on the go for the next three months. 
I feel a bit overwhelmed with packing, and getting ready.  Yikes.  I feel like this...

pick up and go... 

just not nearly as cute,  and with four children on all sides.  

I am really try to take the quote "Don't sweat the small stuff" seriously.  Not quite sure I am doing great at that...but trying.:)
I am sure there will be plenty of stories our family will always remember over the next few months.  
Our first stop is Utah.  My kids have been counting down the days for at least a month.  We have a calendar hanging on the fridge they made, and every morning first thing they check off a day.  They remind me constantly one day closer to seeing cousins and grandparents.  They are so excited.  

I am going to be doing something I NEVER in a million years dreamed I would be doing..... homeschool.  Just for three months, with the travels.  Never say never is something I have learned over and over in my life. Homeschooling, is one of those things.  Again....just for three months.  

I have been doing a bit of avoiding the travel plans.  Like taking pictures of this sweet boy...

little Westin.  

I also went with kids in tow yesterday to Target.  Thank goodness I did because I found many of the items in these pictures that I love....

Styled Chaos, Sprinkled with love birthday party, Caitlin Wilson Textiles, Cupcakes, girls Birthday. Valentines Party.

the hot pink plates, chevron cupcake holders, and napkin rings for 1/2 off.  The plates also come in bright turquoise which I bought as well, and were under a dollar each.  

Styled Chaos, Sprinkled with Love Party, 2nd Birthday, Caitlin Wilson Textiles.

Unfortunately they don't sell the pillows.  I am still coveting, dreaming, and saving for them.:)

My goal this week is to continue to avoid as much as possible.  Again, a goal I thought never suitable until the past decade of my life:)
As long as I don't avoid too much, and forget my four little buddies for the plane ride...hahaha.
I can always buy a tooth brush in Utah!

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