Sunday, March 3, 2013


Mike and I had a bit of a thaw this past week in Arizona.  
It was wonderful.
Amazing how sunshine warms my soul:)
We stayed with our dear friends the McWhorters.
We LOVE them. 
We just took the baby, and left the kids with family.  I realize how easy going the littlest is without all the poking, and wrestling.  He gets a lot of that.

Deanne could not have been a better host.  She is truly the hostest with the mostest.  

My husband fell in the LOVE with their house.  Brian joked Mike liked their house even more than they did.
I didn't have time to take very many pictures.  

I did however get to take pictures of this scrumptious baby of theirs.  She could not be an cuter.  

This is the orange orchard directly next to their beautiful, and gorgeous home....

We truly loved our time in sunny Arizona.  I can surely see how people fall in love.  


GeNee said...

I love her clothes and sparkling eyes. You took some really fun pictures of her.

DeAnn McWhorter said...

Oh my gosh I am in love...with you and her...hahaha. you are so talented. Hurry and send me these pics on a cd. I LOVE THEM!! You are amazing. Thank you. Thank you!