Thursday, March 21, 2013

Time Gone By!

I feel out of sorts with my journal/blog keeping as of late.  Life has been full of unexpected emotions and experiences as of late.  Our trip to Utah has been a bonding experience for our little family, and for our relationship with cousins, Aunts, Uncles etc.  

I don't come to Utah as often as I use to, and as often as I would like.  However, when I do come I am always reminded and recognizes how life changes.  
It has been wonderful and bonding for me to with my brothers and sisters, Aunts, Uncles and cousins.  I have needed their support more than ever as of late it seems.  

I have formed some opinions this trip.  

Life goes by more and more quickly the older you get.
People don't wait to grow up.
I have many more wrinkles than when we moved away, all of which are well earned:)
My kids love, love, love their cousins, Aunt's and Uncles.
The sun shines 80 times more in the West than in the East.
The Mexican food out here is the BEST.  We haven't missed a day of it.
People are not quite as friendly in Utah as I remembered.
Mom's look extra young.....and they all seem to have the same gear (a large diaper bag, a shade shirt, and a pair of Tom's shoes).
People definitely seem to appear quite perfect.....(although a sneaky suspicion they are not:))
I am annoyed by people that seem to appear to be too perfect ........even though we all try....right:)
Fluff is fun, but depth is more important.
I have developed a bit of fire and fight in my bones the past 8 years.
I prefer to be more open in my relationships than closed.
I don't enjoy drama, but sometimes it is unavoidable.
I realize more than ever that I am not perfect.
I feel more comfortable knowing things than not......(like our future:))
My kids are and Mike really are my stability, and best friends.
I miss my Mom daily, and realize that home will never be the same without her.
I will be happy with any home we will live in, as long as it has a garage, a dishwasher, more than one bathroom, and a bit of blue and white.
I miss, miss my sewing therapy sessions.:)
Time heals.
I pray for the same things here as I do in Pennsylvania.
It is all about my attitude.
Life is NEVER going to be perfect, easy, or always fun because it is not suppose to.

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