Friday, May 10, 2013

Mothers Day Week!

Mothers Day!  

A time to celebrate  
A time to be reflective
A time to love extra
And a time to be loved:)

I have always had a sense that motherhood is wonderful and noble, because I always LOVED my Mom so much from the time I can remember.  I was talking to my sister on the phone today, and we both said we can't help not to be extra reflective this week of our own wonderful Mother with Mothers Day so near. We both have always known, and I know my brothers feel the same, that motherhood was our Mom's greatest joy.  How great to have a Mom who I KNEW loved being a mother more than ANYTHING else in this world.  That is a blessing at some point I probably took for granted.  Since her passing I surely don't.  My biggest goal in life is to make sure my children know the same thing about me.....I LOVE being THEIR MOM.  

My Uncle Bob sent me an email a while back.  He always has a way with words.  As my Mom's brother just two years younger, My Mom and Uncle Bob my Mom would say "hooked at the hip".    He knew her as well, if not better than anyone.  He emailed me a few months ago and these words have not left my mind.   

Goodness I love and miss her every single day.  I pray to not lose memories close.  She will always be with me and for this I am grateful.

I am grateful for my own Mother, my Mother in Law, and all who mother me so well.  I know all who help me are secret soul friends of my own Mom.  I can hear her thanking them from above....because that is simply what she would do.   

A mother's love is truly irreplaceable, but a mothers love is also never ending.  
Happy Mother's Day to all.  

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GeNee said...

That is so true! Kathy loved being your Mom more than anything! She was a really talented mother. She loved babies even as a little girl. But she was great with teenagers too! I miss her. We grew up together. I hope my grandchildren will have a cousin that they love as much as I loved my special cousin and friend. It was a great blessing in my life.