Monday, June 3, 2013

FAmily Time!

This picture reminds me of the quote......


A vacation with my little family reminds me of the importance of collecting special moments you can.  We have been down here for only a few days.  I have had more time to think and be calm in the last couple of days, than I have in LONG LONG time.

I am happy, peaceful, and loving these moments.  However, I recognize that this time is short and will be just a memory in few more weeks.  We will be back to the norm of life.....with all the responsibilities which that entails.   

I wish so badly that I could literally collect moments, the way that I can collect things.  
I don't want these moments to fade from my memory.  I don't want these times as a family to be forgotten.  I know these memories will fade.....but hopefully the small traditions, the love, the silly, and even the "crazy" moments will be ingrained in the little souls of those I love.  

We went on a walk earlier this eve with the family to "collect" things along the beach.  
We came across this awesome yellow kayak  along the way....and of course I HAD to stop.  

We found this.....

huge crab on the way back.  Alyssa informed me that finding it should be included for homeschool.  I told her it already was!  haha.

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ashley said...

You're SO gorgeous! And tan! I miss you!