Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day

I vividly remember sitting in a big bus in Jerusalem when I was 19 years old.  The teacher leading the tour was talking to a couple of us about marriage.  His advice really struck me at the time.  His advice.....look to marry someone as much in love with the idea of marriage, family, and fatherhood, as he is in love with you.  When I heard this advice I was a little taken back.  I thought to myself, I just want to marry for love.  I assumed the other was a given.  

In hind sight this was some of the best advice I have ever gotten. 

I married someone who I know not only loves me, but is in love with being married and being a father.  I don't question that he loves me, in part because I don't question that he loves his responsibilities as a husband and a father. 

On this particular Father's day I am grateful for good men.  I am grateful for honest, true, and loyal men!  I am grateful for my husband, my Dad, my Father in Law, my Brothers, my Uncles.  They are good men, with strong loyalties, sound advice, and a protective nature.  They are what a Father should be.  They are in love with being a Father, and with the ideals behind being a Father.

Cheers to good men all over the world.  Cheers to the Father's that raised them, and most particularly cheers to the wonderful Father's in my life.  

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GeNee said...

What beautiful thoughts. I wish every young girl could hear the advice about marrying someone that wants to be a Dad and a Father. I loved the tribute you paid to all the great men in your family! Your a good writer and picture taker. I don't know how you get it all done and make everything so beautiful.