Sunday, June 2, 2013

South Carolina that is....

So I need to get my Carolina's straight.   The family headed to Hilton Head Island which is apparently in South Carolina, not North.  Thank goodness for GPS to set us straight.:)

It wouldn't be a proper road trip in the South without stopping at a delicious BBQ diner dive along the way.  Fried Okra is fantastic I have discovered!

Mike is blogging with me right now.  He is fixing all my grammar errors while I right......I mean write...hahaha.  A family affair blog night.  I love that he is here with me and actually reads this blog.  Some days it is the only way he knows what is going on in our lives.:)  

Our first day at the beach was a hit.  

It is amazing how calm and peaceful the ocean is.  
It is the best entertainment for children and adults alike.  We stayed on the beach till the sun went down.  

I had heard many great things about Hilton Head, and thus far.....I think they are all true.  In my opinion you get the best of all worlds.  You get the sun, the South, warm water, and white sandy beaches.  It is very family friendly, and the has all the Southern charm with beautiful plantation style beach homes.

I love Southern architecture, and the great Americana feel.:)

Life is good at Hilton Head, SOUTH CAROLINA.  

Mike and I got to sneak out for a sunset stroll on the beach last night.  We hope to make this a tradition the entire week.  It was wonderful.  We told the kids we were going for a short date.  
Catherine looked confused and said "Mom, and Dad....are you going to get married?"  
It was pretty funny.......she is at that age where she says the funniest things!

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Amber said...

Summer in the south and vintage style pictures to capture the moments! Awesome blog post. :) Amber